Our extensive client base includes organisations from the public, private and third sectors. Here are a selection of the projects in our portfolio. For more details about any of the work featured get in touch with us on 0151 705 3000


Liverpool Hope University in collaboration with the Socio-Economic Research Centre at Hope University Business School - August 2015

A project examining how socio-economic trends impact of people, communities and businesses contribute to the development of local and national policy and the monitoring of the impacts of specific programmes and policies. 750 household surveys across Merseyside were undertaken to establish their personal financial situation, with a focuses on household income, personal debt, financial inclusion.

Healthwatch Lancashire - May 2015

A project aimed at collecting the opinions of 5,000 members of the general public to give their views about NHS. The study, completed in six weeks, was conducted by a team of 20 Praxis practitioners, and took place in shopping centres, hospitals and in some cases in the home.

Liverpool NHS Clinical Commissioning Group Commissioned by Liverpool CCG - June 2015

A project to review the opinions of patients and public to proposed changes to Orthopaedic, Rheumatology and Pain Management Services. The review included over 300 interviews with Patients attending MCAS, RCAS and Neck and Back Pain clinics across Liverpool using a structured questionnaire, concluding with a consolidated report. Throughout the project the researchers were mindful of the unique circumstances of individual respondents and the need to adjust their approach and methodology accordingly. It was vitally important that the findings pertaining to particular groups of patients were preserved in their entirety – such was the uniqueness of their experiences, opinions and concerns.

Travellers’ Health Needs Survey - in collaboration with Irish Community Care Merseyside, on behalf of Pathways CIC - 2015

A  series of interviews with travellers living on five sites in the Cheshire East and Vale Royal. Information was collected about on health needs and views on the existing services and how their needs might be met in the future. The data informed a report in March 2015.

Development of Mental Health Services in Somalia - 2015

S   omalia is reported as having the worst mental health profile in the world  and virtually no mental health provision. Political unrest and security issues make the provision of assistance particularly challenging. Commissioned by Mersey Care NHS Trust, the project aimed to explore the potential of NHS Trust Trust helping the Somalia to develop mental health provision, following an approach from the Somali Federal Government.

Advice Needs & Provision Mapping in Liverpool - 2015

R   eporting to the Liverpool Citizens Advice Partnership on provision of advice services geographically and in terms of issues in the city, Praxis provided information ward by ward and identified smaller geographic areas where provision and take up of advice was low.  Evidence is being used to inform the advice strategy for the Liverpool.

New Direction Big Lottery Improving Financial Confidence Project Local Evaluation -2015

P   raxis are the local evaluator for a four year programme of social housing residents across Liverpool to help them to deal more effectively with their own finances. 

LCAP Big Lottery Improving Financial Confidence Project Local Evaluation 2015

P  raxis is the local evaluator for this Liverpool Citizens Advice Partnership Project, a four year programme for social housing residents in Liverpool. Stakeholder consultations and a satisfaction survey of beneficiaries were documented and delivered to the second year report in July 2015.

Prove and Improve Project for Create Gloucestershire - In association with DHA communications agency, working with the Create Gloucestershire partnership - 2014

O   ne of the major challenges working with the wide diversity of arts organisations is the ability to evaluate their own projects and impacts. This project enabled the arts and cultural sector to more effectively, monitor and evaluate its work to aggregate its overall impact and value. The project delivered the development of a shared evaluation framework, an online evaluation toolkit training and support to individual organisations to evaluate their own organisations and projects.

Vulnerable and Disengaged Young Project

Praxis is undertaking the evaluation of this Mencap Liverpool project that aims to build resilience in young people who have learning difficulties. An important aspect of the project is the use of peer mentors who themselves have learning difficulties.  This is a challenging project that requires us to have an approach that engages participants and enables us to evidence the progress individuals make against a set of key outcomes set by Cabinet Office.

Liverpool Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Local Offer

A project that worked with a group of parents and carers of disabled children and young people to survey and report on Liverpool City Council’s SEND ‘local offer’.  The focus of the project was ensure parents and carers are not only informed about what the ‘local offer’ is, but have the opportunity to shape it in future. A workshop will take place on Monday 21st September at FACT, Liverpool. 

Review of Liverpool Health Trainers Service

A  review providing insights into the impact, value and continued relevance of the Liverpool Health Trainer Service. The project involved a series of interviews and focus groups with GP’s and other health social care professionals. A review monitoring data and national research findings, and value for money assessment was undertaken during this project.

PSS Fit Mums

A n evaluation of the PSS Fit Mums project in Barnsley.  Focussing on providing a comprehensive evidence base to underpin ongoing work and support future projects. Evaluation of the project included online surveys, interviews with project staff, external stakeholders, midwives and stop smoking workers. A review of the project’s monitoring data was also undertaken.

Community Coaching Trial / the SAVE project

An audit for best practice in community engagement for the SAVE project a low carbon network funded initiative being led by Scottish & Southern Energy Power Distribution. Neighbourhood Economics also trialled an approach to energy conservation based on empowering local communities

Evaluation of five Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Care Home Liaison project

A n evaluation working with the University Of Liverpool Department Of Health Services Research, and the Institute of Psychology Health and Society. Aimed on reflecting national concern about mental health care for older people living in care homes, this project had a particular focus on reducing inappropriate hospital admissions and helping residents remain in their current residence. For more information about this project go to:

Development of mental health services in Somalia

Praxis has been commissioned by Mersey Care NHS Trust to explore the potential of the Trust helping the Somalia develop mental health provision, following an approach from the Somali Federal Government. Somalia is reported as having the worst mental health profile in the world (WHO) and virtually no mental health provision. Political unrest and security issues make the provision of assistance particularly challenging.

Financial Inclusion

A significant part of Praxis work is in the field of financial inclusion including a recent assessment of the impact of changes in welfare and loss of legal aid funding to CAB’s and advice agencies in Liverpool.  Praxis provided local evaluation of two projects funded under the ‘Big lottery Financial Inclusion Programme Evaluation of the Citizens Advice in GP Practices in Liverpool led to a role out of the initiative across the Liverpool.

Social networks, poverty and ethnicity

Research examining the ways in which people use social networks to help cope with or escape from poverty, and how this varies within and between ethnic groups. Drawing on interviews and case studies with people from a range of ethnicities and income brackets, the study explores how people’s propensity to use networks to move out of poverty is affected by different levels of awareness, access and ability.

Blaze Evaluation of Lancashire Cultural Olympiad Youth Led Programme

Praxis evaluated the Blaze youth led culture and sport participation programme for Lancashire and the Fylde Coast, which was part of WE PLAY the North West cultural legacy programme for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Liverpool Fairness Commission- 2012

The Commission was set up as an independent body, to look at practical ways of improving the life futures of those who live in the city.  Examining issues surrounding social and economic inequalities the development of the Fairness Charter with recommendations that will help shape public sector strategies for service provision based on sound evidence and best practice. Praxis facilitated the Commission with the findings in June 2012.

Wirral NHS PCT – Smoking Prevalence and Cessation Research

C  ommissioned by Wirral NHS PCT, a three year longitudinal study of smoking prevalence and the impact of smoking cessation programmes amongst residents in areas of deprivation in Wirral. Part of the research included a face to face survey of smoking prevalence based on a sample of 4,000 randomly selected households.  A telephone survey of approximately 500 smokers identified from the household survey regarding their quit behaviour and knowledge of quit smoking initiatives.

Liverpool Parents and Carers - LivPac

L ivPac, aims to bring together parents and carers of children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs. The photographic project aimed at presenting positive images of disabled children taken by their parents and carers was facilitated and delivered by Praxis in (DATE). Research also looked at the impact on changes to services and also Welfare Benefits on families with disabled children.

Arts Council for England – Libraries Development Initiative

L ibraries Development Initiative, a national programme funded by the Arts Council for England that is looking at the future of libraries. The project examined how libraries can ensure they remain relevant and valued, particularly at a time of severe financial constraints.