We are proud of our commitment to providing high quality work for the clients and communities that we work with. Client feedback is welcomed to help us improve our services through our services and monitoring programme.


In reporting the findings of the Liverpool Fairness Commission, Praxis worked to a high professional standard organising the extensive and diverse evidence gathered by the Commission and in producing an accessible and well written report to time. Praxis also showed a commitment to the goals of the Commission in its approach to this work and I would be pleased to work with them again in the future.

Claire Dove MBE, Chair Liverpool Fairness Commission


The advice and training that Paul delivered was invaluable to moving our project forward. It enabled us to expand our research, and injected the team with real enthusiasm.

Dani Jones, Project Coordinator, North Liverpool CAB

Praxis presented an excellent methodology which has been applied twice a year for three years. The data analysis has been presented in an effective, clear manner which is easy to understand and communicate to others.They have been very flexible to our needs and persistent in collection and analysis of data, sometimes in adverse weather conditions and working within challenging neighbourhoods. The results of the surveys have enabled us to track the effectiveness of our services and the behaviours of smokers. NHS Wirral has had a very positive experience with Praxis.

Kimberley Ozano, Senior Health Advisor, NHS Wirral

As the Project Coordinator for the Asthma UK’s Liverpool Asthma Activist Project, I would like to thank Praxis for the work that they have done on developing our clinical questionnaire and also for the evaluation framework. Praxis, are an organisation who are very reliable, they are able to interpret their clients’ needs and deliver a quality product within the time frame agreed by both parties. I would have no hesitation in approaching Praxis to undertake further work on behalf of the organisations that I’m associated with, these include: Heal 8 CIC, Asthma UK and Liverpool PCT.

Karl Smith, Liverpool Asthma Activist Coordinator, Asthma UK


Paul from Praxis was an invaluable resource in developing an effective financial inclusion project proposal. He involved local politicians and council officers, large housing associations, advice sector organisations, credit unions and most importantly people facing financial exclusion. Paul developed a structured process that ensured that everyone had the opportunity to influence the final proposal. He is a well respected and principled ‘critical friend’ and this gave much needed credibility to the agreed submissions and allowed me to be confident that the Council had managed the process of signing off the final bids in the most democratic and inclusive way possible within the time constraints.

Helen O’Gorman, Manager, Liverpool City Council Community Resources Unit

Praxis have brought energy and enthusiasm to the evaluation process and made it accessible to all.

Sara Domville,  Blaze Programme Director