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SEND Workshop : All Our Concern

Workshop : All Our Concern Addressing the Special Education Needs & Disabilities & Mental Health Needs of Liverpool’s BME Communities At FACT Monday 21st September 2015  – 1.30 pm –   What’s the aim? This event follows up from the ‘Whose Concern?’ workshop earlier this year. Its aim is to review current initiatives and ideas as to how to effectively engage with Liverpool’s Black &Minority Ethnic (BME) communities and improve their health outcomes. This in turn is a priority for the Healthy Liverpool Programme. Who is this for? Anyone working in the area of...

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Getting By?

      Praxis is proud to be working with the Getting By? project in 2014. Getting By? aims to tell the story of  thousands of working families who are struggling on low incomes in the face of everything from wage freezes and welfare cuts to spiralling energy costs and cuts in essential services. Starting in the next few weeks, the year-long project will use personal stories and a team of community researchers to shine a light on the experiences of 30 Liverpool families as they cope with the realities of life in 21st century Britain. The initial idea for Getting By? came from...

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Mike – Can we embed this image somewhere in the page design? It can be a lot smaller, but I’ve included the full size one to work off.   Cheers,   Leo

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