Liverpool University Seminars Announced: Challenges for Evaluation

An autumn 2015 series of seminars organised by the Centre for Lifelong Learning of the University of Liverpool working in collaboration with Praxis and sponsored by the UK Evaluation Society  

Each of these seminars will address the current state of evaluation in the area of focus and will explore the challenges facing evaluators working within them.  Many different types of evaluation are conducted across service organisations, government agencies, third sector organisations, community projects and academic departments across the north-west just as is the case in other geographical regions.

Usually, the evaluators concerned work in relative isolation from one another interacting only with commissioners, stakeholders and specialist colleagues. However, without the interaction of evaluators with one another the development professional networks cannot happen. This series of seminars, each led by evaluation specialists prominent in their fields, will contribute to the longer term aim of establishing a community of evaluators in the north-west.

These seminars will be of interest to professionals involved in commissioning, designing, conducting and using in each of the sectors focussed upon across the series of four. They will support professional contacts and networking, and will make possible future initiatives to deepen understanding of what evaluation can offer professional development and organisational improvement. Academics involved in evaluation of any kind will also benefit by attending. Post-graduate students in the social and health sciences may also have an interest in engaging with the questions and issues raised within the seminar discussions.


The seminars cost £35 to attend.

(£30 for members of the UK Evaluation Society; £25 for post-graduate students)

For those wishing to book for the whole series the cost is £120.

(£100 for members of the UK Evaluation Society; £75 for post-graduate students)

* Excluding VAT

For more information about the series ask Dr Mark O’Brien (Evaluation and Service Development Unit at the Centre for Lifelong Learning) at

Seminar Information:

Seminar 1:‘Challenges for evaluation in health practice’

Thursday 29 October

Dr Justin Jagosh (Director of the Centre for Advancement in Realist Evaluation and Synthesis at the University of Liverpool)


Seminar 2: ‘Challenges for evaluation in social regeneration’

Wednesday 11 November

Professor Michael Parkinson (Recent former Director of the European Institute for Urban Affairs at Liverpool John Moores University)


Seminar 3:‘Challenges for evaluation in the arts and culture’

Wednesday 2 December (date to be confirmed)

Dr Beatriz Garcia (Head of Research at the Institute of Cultural Capital, a joint initiative of the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University)


Seminar 4:‘Challenges for evaluation in higher education’

Wednesday 9 December

Professor Murray Saunders (Director of the Higher Education Research and Evaluation Centre at the University of Lancaster)


To book for the seminars go to: